Real-Life Images of MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 Showcase How Thick It Is

magsafe battery pack real life images iphone 12

Apple finally announced the MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 12 last week. Though the wireless power bank for iPhone 12 is tipped to start shipping this week, one lucky customer has already bought a unit. The buyer has now shared some photos of the MagSafe battery pack on Reddit, showcasing how it looks in the real world and how thick it really is.

The images were shared by Steven Russell on Reddit. Steven says that even though the device hasn’t been available for purchase officially, he was able to pick one unit from his local Apple Store in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The images show the white MagSafe battery pack in all its glory. The wireless battery pack seems quite thick at first.

Steven also shared some of his ‘initial thoughts’ in the same Reddit post. He says that the battery pack is made out of “smooth hard plastic.” Moreover, he claims that the magnet used in the device is strong enough. It’s so strong that it might leave an imprint on the case, says Steven. Adding to this, Steven said that it is comfortable to hold and is a “perfect combo with the white silicone case.”

Check out the gallery of photos shared by Steven on Twitter:

Some of the fellow Redditors asked him if the MagSafe battery pack was able to charge his iPhone 12 to 100%. Steven had not used the battery pack to the full extent and was not able to comment on it.

Several comments and queries regarding the capacity of the MagSafe battery pack have emerged ever since its release. People are complaining that the device won’t be able to charge iPhone 12/Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max to 100%. However, there’s no concrete proof to these claims as Apple hasn’t mentioned the battery capacity of the power bank. This will all soon become clear once the device is available for purchase this week.

The MagSafe Battery Pack is priced at $99 and will require iOS 14.7 to work. The stable build of iOS 14.7 should be coming out this week. Are you looking forward to purchasing the MagSfe battery pack for your iPhone 12? What are your thoughts on the product? Let us know in the comments section below!