Twitter Could Soon Let You ‘Sign in with Apple’

twitter sign in with apple

Sign in with Apple was Apple’s one of the first moves towards protecting email from third parties. Even Google’s login chief appraised it by saying that “it’s better for the internet.” Now, according to popular Twitter researcher Jane Wong, Twitter is adding the Sign in with Apple to its iPhone and iPad apps.

Jane Wong has been known for leaking Twitter features for quite a while now. She’s the first one to report about Twitter Blue subscription and the social network’s Undo Send Tweet option. Now, the researcher has reported that Twitter is looking to add Sign in with Google and Sign in with Apple to the Twitter app.

Some evidence of the option has been found in the Twitter’s “Connected Accounts” option. These options include a new entry description for connected accounts, a settings page, and the CSP header of Twitter’s HTTP response.

Sign in with Apple allows users to quickly sign in to an app without going through the sign-up process. Apple’s process is faster, secure with Face ID or Touch ID, and protects your email unlike other services like Google Sign-in and Facebook Sign-in.

However, it seems like Sign in with Apple wasn’t Twitter’s first choice. According to a guideline set by Apple, if an app has an option to sign in with a third-party service, it is required to offer Sign in with Apple. If Twitter wants to integrate a Google Sign-in option in its app on iPhone, it’ll have to add Sign in with Apple as well.

There’s no word on when, or if, the option will be available on Twitter for iPhone. According to the work going on behind the scenes, the option could be available soon.

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