Twitter Is Prepping ‘Twitter for Professionals,’ Muting DM, and Profile Category

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Twitter is reportedly working on a slew of new features. Last week we learned Twitter is testing Advanced Direct Message search and Emoji-Style reaction. Leakster Alessandro Paluzzi has an impressive track record when it comes to discovering Twitter’s upcoming feature. Paluzzi and researcher Nima Owji have uncovered many new and exciting features that Twitter is working on.

Palluzi says Twitter is working on “Twitter for Professionals,” which can be toggled from the Setting tab. The new feature is similar to Facebook Workplace and helps users focus on professional networking. Twitter is already used as a platform to reach out to people and pitch ideas or stories. Twitter for Professional could potentially normalize using the platform for professional purposes.

Recently Twitter revamped its verification program. The company is also working on redesigning the Profile page with a new “About” section. Paluzzi’s latest discovery seems to be closely related to the previously rumored About section. The tipster claims Twitter would soon let you choose a category that describes your account the best.

Choose the category to display on your profile. Pick the one that best describes your account. This will be shown on your public profile.

It includes categories like “Entertainment & Recreation,” “Automobile.” “Education,” “Dance & Night Club,” and more. It looks like the categories are meant for brands and businesses as opposed to individuals. Twitter is also adding a creator’s account that is best suited for individuals. It includes categories like public figures, artists, and influencers.

Muting DM’s

Researcher Nima Owji reveals Twitter is working on a new feature that lets you mute DM. In other words, you can mute DM from specific persons/accounts. Twitter will directly send messages from muted accounts to the bottom of the message request list. Furthermore, Twitter is working on a card to show the Revue newsletter on the user’s profile. We are not sure when the new features will be available on the iOS app.

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