Foxconn to Set Up EV Manufacturing Facility in the US

apple car c1

Apple’s largest supplier Foxconn will start building an EV manufacturing facility in the US and Thailand next year. The company intends to start mass production of electric vehicles in 2023.

Foxconn Chairman Young Liu also revealed that the company could consider setting up another EV manufacturing facility in Europe. In the US, Foxconn is in discussions with at least three states to set up its EV manufacturing plant, including Wisconsin, where it promised to invest $10 billion to set up a display manufacturing plant, but that never happened.

“Our plans are to begin mass production in the U.S. and Thailand respectively in 2023,” Foxconn Chairman Young Liu told investors in an earnings call. “Other than in the U.S. and Thailand, we are also in talks with possible locations in Europe too as part of our global EV footprint strategy.”

The US plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2023. Initially, Foxconn will be making EVs for the American startup Fisker at the plant. The Thailand plant is being developed with PTT, and it will be aimed at meeting the EV demand of the Thai market first.

Foxconn is also setting up the MIH EV, a hardware and software-based open platform which includes chassis, electronics, and autonomous driving support. This will help reduce the development time for EV makers.

Apple has been looking for a manufacturing partner to set up a plant in the US for its Apple Car. So far, the company has not met with any success in this regard, as its talks with various automakers and suppliers have failed. With Foxconn building an EV plant in the US, Apple could once again turn to its biggest iPhone manufacturing partner to make EVs for it as well.

[Via Nikkei Asia]