Google Maps for iOS Gets Dark Mode after a Long Wait

It has been more than two years since Apple introduced Dark Mode on iOS 13. Google has finally announced dark mode for Google Maps on iOS. The feature is expected to roll out in the upcoming weeks. Many would appreciate dark mode while using Google Maps at night or in places with low light. The above picture reveals how Google Maps dark mode will look on iOS.

Experiencing screen fatigue or want to personalize your app? You’re in luck: dark mode on Google Maps for iOS starts rolling out in the coming weeks so you can give your eyes a break or save on battery life. To turn it on, head to your Settings, tap on dark mode, then select “On.

You can activate dark mode by heading over to the settings menu, tap on dark mode, and select “on.” Furthermore, an automatic option will automatically toggle dark mode by referring to your system settings.

Apart from dark mode, Google Maps for iOS gets a bunch of other features as well. Starting now, you can share your live Location directly from iMessage. Previously this feature was available only for Apple Maps. The live Location would be shared for one hour by default, and you can choose to extend it up to three days.

You will soon be able to use Google Maps in the form of a widget. In other words, you search for your favorite destination or navigate to the nearby restaurants with just a tap on the home screen. To use widgets, you should update to the latest version of Google Maps. Other features include a tool that determines how much you could like a Restaurant based on your taste.

[via Google]