Survey Reveals Majority of iPhone Buyers Also Own an iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch

iPhone 12

A new report from CIRP sheds light on the number of Apple products that an iPhone owner usually owns. The strong ecosystem integration and lock-in are a staple of all Apple products, and it’s widely believed that an iPhone owner will own multiple other Apple products just because they tend to work so well with each other.

The CIRP report aims to answer exactly this question: What other things do iPhone owners own? The survey results show that Apple has been very successful in cross-selling its mobile devices and related accessories to existing iPhone owners. Most iPhone buyers also owned an iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

The report estimates that 84 percent of iPhone owners also own an iPad. Similarly, almost two-third of iPhone buyers own a smartwatch, with three-quarters of them using an Apple Watch. Based on the survey, 40 percent of iPhone owners in the US own Bluetooth earbuds, with AirPods accounting for more than half of them.

However, where Apple falls short is in the PC and smart speaker categories. While all iPhone owners also own a PC, only 41 percent of them own a Mac. Likewise, while 69 percent of iPhone owners also have a streaming device at home, only 39 percent own an Apple TV. The rest of iPhone users tend to use Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, and other similar streaming devices.

The story continues in the smart speaker segment, with 45 percent of iPhone owners having a smart speaker from Amazon, Google, and others. Only 10 percent of iPhone owners had a HomePod.

The CIRP finding is based on data collected after surveying 900 Apple customers in the US who purchased an iPhone over the last 12 months for the period ending June 2021.

One reason behind the low market penetration of Macs among iPhone owners can be their price tag. Macs are notably more expensive than Chromebooks and PCs, and not everyone will have a workload that will justify spending the additional money on a Mac.