Apple Watch Series 7 Production Back on Track as Apple Resolves All Issues

apple watch series 7 blue

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in his latest investor note claims that Apple the Apple Watch Series 7 features a “dramatic change in design.” He further claims that Apple resolved all the production issues with the smartwatch. The analyst claims mass production of the Apple Watch Series 7 will start in mid to late September, with the wearable launch on track for later this month.

Multiple reports from the last couple of weeks claimed Apple has run into production issues with the Apple Watch Series 7 due to its complex new design. Apple is reportedly using a different contact design for the display panel on the Apple Watch Series 7, which was causing the production issues.

The first batches of Apple Watch Series 7 units were affected with touch screen sensitivity and blinking issues, which Apple has resolved by working closely with its suppliers.

Due to the adoption of many new panel-related production processes for the first time, the Apple Watch 7 panel module encountered reliability issues during the risk-ramp phase before Jabil started mass production, mainly including blinking panel and touch insensitivity. This complicated production issue may be related to LGD, Jabil, or Young Poong.

Initial reports suggested a delayed launch. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman later claimed that Apple would unveil the Apple Watch Series 7 alongside the iPhone 13 series, but it would be in short supply initially.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to debut with a new design, including a bigger display with slimmer bezels and a larger casing. It will reportedly also bring notable improvements in battery life. Apple is not expected to debut any new health sensors on the Apple Watch Series 7, with such features reserved for 2022 and later models.

[Via MacRumors]