Customers Facing Issue Ordering iPhone 13 with Apple Card and Apple Pay

iPhone 13 Pro colorsEarlier this week, Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 Series. The preorders have begun today, and as always, people have formed a beeline to get their hands on the new iPhone 13. Some people are facing issues while completing their purchases using Apple Card or Apple Pay.

The customers are venting their anger and expressing their frustration on Twitter. iPhone 13 buyers are sharing screenshots or errors. One of the errors says “there was a problem with the card details you entered” or “something went wrong.” Interestingly, the Apple system status page is not showing any issues with Apple Card or Apple Pay service. That said, Apple needs to address this issue on Apple Pay and Apple Card.

One of the workarounds is to place orders using iPhone Upgrade Program. This method seems to be working only in the US and UK. Currently, customers can buy iPhone 13 using other credit or debit cards. However, this is not the point. Apple offers exclusive cashback for those purchasing the iPhone 13 via Apple Card. Furthermore, Apple Card users are treated to 3% Daily Cash. It is unfair for customers to miss out on this benefit as Apple Card transactions are not going through.

The affected customers will face a delay in iPhone 13 delivery date. Even though the preorders have started today, the delivery dates are already slipping. Due to the issue, some customers have missed ordering their favorite iPhone 13 for no fault of theirs. Those who have managed to order new iPhones today will get delivery on September 24. Ironically only Apple Card is not working for purchasing iPhone 13 while cards from other banks work just fine.

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