Focus Mode in iOS 15 Lacks This Important Do Not Disturb Feature

Focus in iOS 15

With iOS 15, Apple revamped Do Not Disturb into Focus mode where you can set up different profiles to manage notifications depending on your location and time of the day. While Focus mode is a big step up from Do Not Disturb in every possible way, it does miss out on a key feature.

As iPhone users now upgrade to iOS 15, they are now getting to play around with all the new features of the OS. One Reddit user has now spotted that Focus mode in iOS 15 silences all notifications, irrespective of whether one’s iPhone is locked or not.

In iOS 14, Do Not Disturb had an option that only silenced your iPhone when it was locked. This ensured that you’d get incoming calls and notifications from installed apps when you were using your iPhone with Do Not Disturb enabled.

Really surprised they’ve done this, but it appears there is no longer an option in iOS 15 to still show notifications when in Do Not Disturb but unlocked.

My phone basically lived on Do Not Disturb mode up until now but I’ll have to stop using it now which is really annoying.

Like, I don’t want notifications when my phone is locked, but while I’m actively using it I still need them to pop up.

Many users are now finding the lack of this feature extremely frustrating after upgrading to iOS 15, since they almost always kept their iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode. Apple could possibly re-introduce this feature in a future point update of iOS 15, but for now, you’ll have to live without this feature.

If you are still figuring out Focus mode, check out our guide on how to use Focus mode in iOS 15 to get a better overview of the feature.

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