Report: Google’s Inspiration Behind Its Custom Tensor Chip Was Apple Silicon’s Success

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According to a new report from Nikkei Asia, Google is developing custom chips for its next generation of Chromebooks. The report cites that Google was inspired by Apple’s success in custom silicon chipset, and now the search engine giant has decided to develop its own chipsets moving forward.

Apple’s x64 to ARM transition has been quite smooth, so far. The company had been working for 5 years when it announced the transition. But more than the transition, the fact that Apple has control over its own Silicon — its design and what modules to use — has impressed Google. According to a report, Google is developing its own chip design for Chromebooks that would replace CPUs provided by Intel, AMD, MediaTek, and other brands.

A report from Nikkei Asia states:

Google was particularly inspired by Apple’s success in developing its own key semiconductor components for iPhones as well as last year’s announcement that it would replace Intel CPUs with its own offerings for Mac computers and laptops, two people familiar with Google’s thinking told Nikkei Asia.

The report says that the first chips with Google’s custom Silicon chip will arrive in 2023.  It also mentions that the new chips could be used in both “laptops and tablets.”

Google previewed its first custom SoC “Tensor” along with Pixel 6 last month, however, not a lot is known about it. Google says the custom chip is powerful enough to ” process AI and ML models offline directly on the Pixel 6.” We’ll get to know more about the Tensor SoC when Google Pixel 6 arrives this fall.

What are your thoughts on Google entering the chipset space? Would you be interested in buying a device with a custom Google chip? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Via Nikkei Asia]