This Is How the iPhone 13’s Box Without the Plastic Wrap Looks

iPhone 13

This year, Apple has done away with the plastic wrap on the iPhone 13’s retail box for sustainability reasons. A new photo now shows the updated packaging of the iPhone 13 series.

The plastic wrap on previous iPhone boxes had a pull-tab to break the seal. It also ensured that no one else but the intended buyer was the first one to open the box.

With the plastic wrap gone, Apple is now using a paper label with a pull-tab design as a seal. As the photo shared by leaker Duan Rui shows, it’s not possible to open the iPhone 13 retail box without breaking the paper wrap seal.

The unboxing experience of the iPhone 13 series will be slightly different with the plastic wrap gone. However, the paper wrap will still ensure you get a unique and elegant unboxing experience that’s typically associated with an Apple product.

Apple tends to make some major sustainability improvements with every new iPhone launch. Last year, it ditched the charger in the box to make the overall package smaller and reduce the carbon footprint.

By ditching the plastic wrap on the iPhone 13’s box this year, Apple claims it will reduce plastic wastage by over 600 tons. That’s definitely massive and shows how much effort Apple is putting into reducing its carbon footprint across its entire product and supply chain. The company intends to eliminate plastic from all its packaging by 2025.