Restoring iPhone 13 or iPad Mini 6 from Backup Could Prevent You from Accessing Apple Music Library

Apple Music

If you’re one of the millions of Apple customers getting their hands on the new iPhone 13 or iPad mini 6 today, you could face an issue with Apple Music where the tracks you select won’t play. Thankfully, Apple has already released a quick fix.

In a new support document spotted on Apple’s website, the company outlined a bug affecting all iPhone 13 models as well as the new iPad and iPad mini. Apple explained that users who restore an existing backup on the new iPhone or iPad “might not be able to access the Apple Music catalog, Apple Music settings, or use Sync Library” on the new device. Apple has already issued an immediate software update to fix this bug in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

The update, which is still identified as version 15.0 fixes the issue in a few minutes. The update is less than 500 MB in size and should be fairly quick to install if you have a stable internet connection. To upgrade your new iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. Here, tap Download and install and wait for the update to finish downloading. Then tap Install now.

Once installed, the update should allow you to access your Apple Music library comfortably. Let us know in the comments below if you faced this issue or something similar.

Once you get your hands on the new iPhone 13, you can use the migration utility method to quickly transfer data from your old iPhone, with the help of our detailed guide.