First iPhone 13 Pro Max Unboxing Video Hits the Internet

Last week Apple unveiled the much-awaited iPhone 13 series. Preorders for the iPhone 13 Pro Max have already begun. While we wait for the iPhone 13 Pro Max deliveries to begin, the first unboxing video has surfaced on YouTube. The video offers a good look at new packaging and the iPhone 13 Pro in gold livery.

A YouTube channel called SalimBaba Technical has managed to get their hands on three gold color iPhone 13 Pro Max. The embargo is set to lift tomorrow, and this indicates a flood of press reviews. We should also get to see in-depth reviews highlighting all the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro aspects.

The iPhone 13 comes in a newly designed box. Apple has redesigned the iPhone 13 box to eliminate plastic. As you can see in the video, the iPhone 13 Pro Max box comes with a bottom positioned unique packaging seal. This includes an adhesive paper tab that holds the box opening. Previously, iPhone packaging used to have a plastic wrap.

Redesigned packaging eliminates the outer plastic wrap, avoiding 600 metric tons of plastic and bringing Apple closer to its goal of completely removing plastic from all packaging by 2025.

Once open, you get to see an iPhone 13 Pro with a paper screen wrap. Like before, you get a USB-C lightning cable, Apple stickers, instruction leaflet, and a pin for ejecting the SIM tray.

Our Take

It looks like YouTuber has sourced the iPhone 13 Pro from a retailer. The retailer is selling the first lot of iPhone 13 Pro for 7600 AED or $2069. Furthermore, the retailer claims that he got iPhone 13 Pro Max from Canada. We are not sure which iPhone 13 Pro variant he is talking about. However, they seem to be charging a premium over retail prices. There is a good chance that iPhone 13 Pro pictured in the video could be resealed and sold. Perhaps this is the reason why he didn’t boot the phone.