Apple Watch Series 7 Users Complain About Missing App Icons, Wrongly Rendered Complications

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 7 with a larger display and revamped design. Now the first lot of Apple Watch Series 7 customers are finally getting their hands on it. Some of the users have pointed out many weird issues primarily associated with third-party apps. One of the issues is that complications are not rendered correctly.

The complication rendering problem seems to be one of the most common issues with Apple’s smartwatch. Apple Watch complications are the tiny widgets with information from the app. Icons for some third-party apps are not being rendered on-screen. That apart, icons for some third-party apps are also missing. Multiple Apple Watch Series 7 users have taken to Twitter, highlighting their issues.

PCalc developer James Thomson did some digging as to why this problem is occurring. In his opinion, the glitch is closely associated with the App Store mechanism used to deliver apps to Apple Watch 7. Furthermore, Thomson was unable to replicate the issue on the watchOS simulator. In a Tweet, Thomson said,

My suspicion is, since all this stuff works perfectly fine in the watchOS simulator for the Series 7 watch, the App Store mechanisms are stripping out the wrong images when downloading the apps.

Meanwhile, Apple apps are not facing any issues while rendering complications. Making things worse is the other issues present on Apple Watch Series 7. Some of the complications are rendering the wrong size and looking out of place. We presume this has something to do with a larger display. At the moment, there is no workaround or fix in sight. All we can do is hope that Apple fixes the issue in the next update.

Try setting your Apple Watch apps to display in a list format instead of honeycomb layout as a stop-gap arrangement. Planning to buy Apple Watch Series 7? Check out some super cool Apple Watch Series 7  features.

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