Live Photo of Apple Watch Series 7 with Series 6 Offers a Better Look at Screen Size

Rumor mills predicted a vastly redesigned Apple Watch Series 7 with thinner bezels and boxier shape. When Apple unveiled Apple Watch Series 7 last month we realized that very little has changed when it comes to design. As Apple’s latest smartwatch has started arriving to customers we will see a bunch of photos. Untill then a new picture compares Apple Watch Series 7 screen size with Series 6.

Apple claims the new Apple Watch Series 7 comes equipped with a 20% larger display as opposed to the Series 6. This has been acheived by reducing bezels and adding a curvature to the display. Apple already has a detailed Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Series 6 comparision on its website. However, the real-life image tend to give a much clearer picture.

In the above picture you can see that Apple Watch Series 7 comes equipped with a slightly larger display. Meanwhile, the case size has not increased by much. In other words, Apple has managed to squeeze the bigger display with marginal increase in case size. New watchOS user interface features larger buttons and a QWERTY keyboard, both of which take due advantage of larger display. Apart from the display Apple Watch Series 7 boasts of fast charging and sturdier build.

The latest Apple Watch Series 7 is less chunkier than the previous one. Those of us who expected a complete design overhaul were dejected. There is nothing much to write home about Apple Watch Series 7 design. Furthermore, the latest Apple Watch lacks standout feature apart from larger display. We wonder if the device has reached a saturation point. On a related note, check out Apple Watch Series 7 review roundup to get a better idea.

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