Apple Accelerating iPhone 13 Production, Could Meet Demand by February 2022

iPhone 13 Pro colors

Apple’s entire portfolio took a hit due to the global chip shortage that manifested as shipping delays for several new products, including the iPhone 13. Now, a supply chain report from DigiTimes claims that availability for iPhone 13 is now improving, just in time for the holiday season demand spike.

A report last week claimed that Apple halved iPad production so it could manufacture more iPhone 13 units using the components available. Despite this, some configurations of the iPhone 13 in specific markets reflected shipping times spanning several weeks, if not months. Now, anonymous sources told DigiTimes that the chip shortage is beginning to ease for the Cupertino giant, and iPhone 13 production is accelerating. It appears that Apple suppliers have overcome the deficit of specific components and are beginning to “gradually narrow” the gap between demand and supply for the latest iPhone. Suppliers hope to bridge the gap by February 2022.

This is a good sign for Apple because the shortage was beginning to affect the company’s revenue estimates. For the first time since 2016, Apple fell short of its estimates due to this shortage. The company’s investors were warned that the impact might be greater during the upcoming holiday upcoming quarter because it is one of the strongest quarters in terms of sales volume for many companies. Moreover, Apple’s recently-updated product range will certainly entice buyers in the coming months.

In anticipation of the holiday season, Apple recently extended its return policy until January 8 next year for all purchases made between November 1 and December 25. The new policy applies to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, AirPods, and HomePod mini. Shoppers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and some other markets benefit from this policy. However, purchases made after December 25 will be subject to Apple’s standard return policy, giving buyers 14 calendar days to return defective items. In Italy and Spain, the same policy gives buyers an additional 12-day window (until January 20) to return Apple products they aren’t satisfied with.

Although Apple and its suppliers are hard at work to close the demand-supply gap, we suggest you order your holiday gifts well in advance, so they are delivered on time. Which Apple products are you looking forward to buying this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!

[Via DigiTimes]