Jamf’s Security Offerings Deliver Best Security Solutions to Apple Devices

jamf to protect apple devices One outcome from the pandemic that isn’t going away anytime soon is organizations’ adoption of work from home culture. With thousands of employees working from home, it’s essential to protect company data on personal and work devices. Jamf’s new security solutions are here to deliver seamless protection against data theft and breaches.

Why Do You Need Jamf’s Security Solutions?

When employees work from home, it makes it more of a challenge to protect company data. Your users could be connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, inadvertently install malicious files from unverified sources, or an outside threat might have accessed devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

When you put Jamf’s enterprise-secure, consumer-friendly Apple experience to work, you’ll ensure the privacy and security of your Apple devices. Let’s check out their security solutions in greater detail.

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Jamf Threat Defense

Jamf’s in-network and endpoint security feature blocks zero-day threats like phishing sites and malicious domains in real-time and saves your Apple devices from being impacted.

Jamf uses advanced machine learning algorithms and threat intelligence engines to identify and prevent threats. You also get a dedicated management portal to check real-time insights into risks and configure automated policy actions for them.

Now let’s take a look at Jamf’s data policy in detail.

Jamf Data Policy

Non-business activities shouldn’t exhibit extensive data usage on your Apple device, and services like YouTube and Netflix can drain mobile data on your iPhone too. Moreover, usage shouldn’t exceed company-specified data limits for remote users.

With Jamf, IT admins can check real-time analytics and receive granular reporting. Jamf’s Data Policy includes data capping, customizable real-time alerts, content filtering, data compression to save usage, roaming, and more.

jamf security to protect user data

Jamf Private Access

With employees working from different time zones, organizations need to ensure secure access to company resources because devices are rarely connected from within a traditional network perimeter.

Jamf ensures the right users are on compliant devices, accessing permitted resources – regardless of where they are.

Jamf Connect offers biometric security and offers authorized access to Mac and cloud applications. Private Access is a true Zero-Trust Network Access solution that replaces legacy conditional access and VPN technology.

Jamf started as an Apple device management platform and has transformed into an Apple enterprise management platform. It fills an important gap between what Apple offers and what the enterprise requires.

By providing a full application lifecycle solution for Apple devices, it’s no surprise why Jamf already has more than 57,000 customers and protects 25 million devices worldwide.

If you have been waiting to deploy something like Jamf across the company devices, now is the right time to give it a try. Learn more about Jamf and how you can enroll for a free trial.

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