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How to Clear DNS Cache in macOS

clear dns cache on mac

Usually, you don’t need to mess around with a Mac’s DNS (Domain Name System) cache. For the most part, it works as expected in the background, routing you to the right website as per the web address. Overburden of suchaaa

The 20 Best macOS Monterey Tips and Tricks

macOS Monterey tips

While the macOS Big Sur was all about a fresh look and a redesign across the OS, macOS Monterey focuses on improving default apps and their features. With macOS Monterey, Apple is further bridging the gap between iOS and macOSaaa

macOS Monterey Download Available Now

macOS Monterey download

While the last year’s macOS Big Sur brought UI refresh on the Mac, macOS Monterey is all about improving the default apps and unifying the whole Apple ecosystem. Apple took some sweet time with the macOS Monterey, but now it’saaa