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Job Posting Sparks Speculation Of Apple Television

Job Posting Sparks Speculation Of Apple Television

According to a recent job listing for Apple, the company is looking for people to work on the next generation power supply technology. The job listing until a few hours ago read:

You will be part of pride developing innovative designs, which are implemented in products used by millions of people. The position primarily involves high-density offline power supply’s development for Apple’s next generation Macintosh platforms spanning from notebook computers, desktop computers, servers, standalone displays and TV.

Verizon iPhone 4 Costs $171.35 To Manufacture; 9% Less Than GSM iPhone 4

iSuppli, electronics market research firm published results from a teardown study late last week where the company has looked into the costs incurred by Apple in manufacturing the Verizon iPhone.

iSuppli reports that Apple has managed to reduce the bill of materials (BOM) cost of the CDMA iPhone 4 compared to the GSM version. While the GSM iPhone 4 costs Apple $187.51 to manufacture, the CDMA iPhone carries a BOM of $171.35, which is a good 9% less than the GSM iPhone 4.

Apple May Launch iPad 2 Later This Month

Japanese blog Macotakara – which in the past has provided accurate details about forthcoming Apple launches has some interesting information regarding iPad 2.

In a two line report published recently, the blog said that Apple will be holding a small event in February to launch the next generation iPad.

iPad 2 Display Leaked?

iPad 2 Display Leaked?

Couple of days after we had an analyst claim that iPad 2 may get a thinner and anti-reflection screen, we have folks over at 9To5Mac telling us that they are in possession of what they claim is an iPad 2 display.

9to5Mac claims that the display “fresh out of China” is lighter, thinner and of overall better build quality than the existing iPad display. Its thickness is apparently over a millimeter less than the current generation iPad display.

AT&T Hit By Class Action Lawsuit For Overcharging iPhone Users For Data Usage

A disgruntled AT&T user has filed a class action lawsuit against US Carrier alleging that it is overcharging users of iOS devices like the iPad and the iPhone for data usage.

Patrick Hendrix alleges that AT&T is claiming bogus data usage even when an iOS device is left idle and claims that he hired an independent consulting firm to conduct a two month study on AT&T’S practices for data usage.

Google Instant Previews Coming To iPhone And iPod Touch

Google Instant Previews Coming To iPhone And iPod Touch

We’re sure you might have come across Google’s “Instant Previews” feature on the desktop version of the search engine. This feature basically offers users a preview of the website listed in the search results without them having to actually click and open it. Quite helpful when you are in a hurry and do not wish to open multiple pages. The feature was available only on full-fledged browsers and not on mobile browsers.

But folks at 9 to 5 Mac are reporting that Google is enabling the feature on Mobile Safari browser for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Apple Finally Launches iPad In India

Apple Finally Launches iPad In India

Apple has tied up with Indian government run mobile operator, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to launch the iPad in the country. The iPad comes to India nine months after it was launched in the US.

Starting January 28, users in India will be able to buy the iPad from an Apple retailer.

iPhone 5 And iPad 2 Could Feature NFC For Mobile Payments

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple will build NFC (Near Field Communication) chips into the next generation iPhone and iPad. NFC is a short range wireless technology that enables devices to communicate with each other to perform simple transactions. This technology has been in use in countries like Japan and South Korea – but is yet to take off in the West. Just last month, Japanese mobile carrier Softbank introduced limited NFC functionality using an add-on accessory that sticks to the back of the iPhone for mobile payment.

iPad 2 May Not Come With 2048×1536 Screen Resolution; Rumored For iPad 3

If you were hoping that iPad 2 comes with a 2048*1536 screen resolution, prepare to be disappointed.

According to IDC analyst Tom Mainelli, Apple has just requested its component makers to begin work on the super high resolution 2048*1536 display. This means it would be futile to expect such a screen in the second generation iPad, which is expected to be released in March or April. Instead, it is more likely that the third generation iPad will get the super high resolution display – sometime in 2012.

iPad Rival – Motorola’s Android Honeycomb Powered Xoom Tablet To Be Priced At $799?

iPad Rival – Motorola’s Android Honeycomb Powered Xoom Tablet To Be Priced At $799?

Folks over at Android Central have come across a set of pictures that look like internal Verizon documents with pricing details of a bunch of smartphones and the Motorola’s recently announced Xoom tablet.

The Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) powered tablet was first seen in December when Google VP Andy Rubin showed off the device as a prototype. It then appeared in a teaser video from Motorola. The video touted the then unnamed tablet to be “the next chapter in tablet revolution” and also took potshots at the Apple iPad terming it to be just a “giant iPhone”.