iPhone 3G Hacks Progress Report

Since Steve Jobs announced the launch of iPhone 3G during Apple’s WWDC
08 event
one of the most commonly asked question here at iPhone Hacks has
been: Can the new iPhone 3G be hacked?

So here you go, checkout the progress report on iPhone 3G Hacks based on the information available to us so far.

Apple publishes new iPhone 3G Guided Tour

Apple publishes new iPhone 3G Guided Tour

Apple has published a guided tour for their soon-to-be-released new iPhone 3G. The video walkthrough of the second generation iPhone is by the same dude who had given walkthroughs of the first generation iPhone.

iPhone firmware 2.0 will be available on July 11; What should you do?

We have been speculating that iPhone firmware 2.0 will be available to
all iPhone users towards the end of June or early July as we were not
aware of the exact release date.

The speculations can be put to rest as the release date of the much awaited
iPhone firmware 2.0 has been revealed thanks to a tip from TUAW reader.
The source of the release date is none other than Apple’s iPhone 3G
press release which we seemed to have completely missed out.

If you are confused whether to update to the latest iPhone firmware or not then I have some advice
depending on the category of iPhone user you
fall under.

iPhone Firmware 2.0 will have a feature to securely erase your personal data

iPhone Firmware 2.0 will have a feature to securely erase your personal data

If you planning to sell your iPhone to buy the new 3G iPhone which will be released on July 11th then the issue reported of iPhones sold as refurbished unit revealing previous owners personal data would definitely be one of your concerns.

There is some good news as AppleInsider is reporting that the iPhone 2.0 software will have a solution to securely erase all your personal data from the iPhone.

iPhone SDK Beta 8 and Developer-only version of iTunes 7.7 Released

Apple has released iPhone SDK beta 8 (9M2199) and iTunes 7.7 to iPhone developers in preparation for the iPhone 3G and iPhone AppStore launch on July 11th.

You can get all the interesting details about the latest iPhone SDK and developer-only version of iTunes after the jump.

Video of iPhone Japanese Keyboard from iPhone Firmware 2.0

Steve Jobs had announced during his Keynote address at Apple’s WWDC 08 event that Japanese and Chinese will have various input types including character recognition.

So its no surprise to see a video demonstrating iPhone’s Japanese keyboard from iPhone firmware 2.0 via iPhone SDK simulator.

However, the thing that you can figure out from the video demonstration is that it is very well designed and refined.

iRemember – Hack allows iPhone Safari to save your login details

iRemember – Hack allows iPhone Safari to save your login details

If you are facing the issue of needing to login everytime you load Google Reader in your iPhone’s Safari browser and its driving you insane then iRemember, a lightweight hack is just the solution for you.

iRemember fixes this irritating issue by making a few tweaks and allowing iPhone’s Safari to save cookies.

Native iPhone App turns your iPhone into a Flashlight

This is probably one of the simplest native iPhone application developed for the iPhone but one that can be quite useful if you wake up in the middle of the night and want to use your iPhone as a light.

The native iPhone application is aptly called Flashlight.

iPhone 3D Game – Cybersaurus released

iPhone 3D Game – Cybersaurus released

Roberto Perego of Darxun Games has released Cybersaurus, a 3D mobile Mech-style shooter game for the iPhone.

Its good to finally write about a native iPhone app as things on the iPhone hacking front seems to have slowed down quite a bit with the launch of the official native iPhone apps via Apple’s Appstore just round the corner.

Native iPhone App makes it possible to Control iRobot’s Packbot with the iPhone

Couple of clever developers from the University of South Florida have created a native iPhone application to remotely operate iRobot’s Packbot unit (that is one of the robots the US military is apparently using for surveillance/urban intelligence gathering operations in Iraq and Afghanistan).

So you might not be trying this out but like the native iPhone app developed to control Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and iPhone Lego NXT Robot, an iPhone app developed by  Battlebricks to use the iPhone as a remote to control a Lego Mindstorms Rover, this application falls in the very cool category of native iPhone apps.