iPhone Rumors: iPhone coming to Canada on December 7th; pre-orders from Nov 20th?

The rumor mongers on iPhone’s launch in Canada are back again, this time it is folks at Boy Genius Report who have got hold of an alleged leaked advertisement (as seen in the thumbnail) which suggest that Rogers could be launching the iPhone on its network in Canada on December 7th. If you are to believe the leaked advertisement, iPhone will sell for $499 CAD on a 3-year contract and that the pre-orders will start from Nov 20th.

However, Canadian readers before you start planning on lining up outside the Apple stores on Dec 7th to be first to get your hands on the iPhone (in Canada legitimately of course) lets hear it officially from Apple on this one as we had already seen one rumor which claimed that iPhone is coming to Canada in mid-Oct.

The other issue is with the image, if you check out Roger’s website; Roger’s logo in the leaked advertisement does not match the logo on their website suggesting that the advertisement is more a Photoshop job (but must admit is quite nicely done).

The only reason why the iPhone’s launch in Canada seems to have been delayed is due to the trademark dispute over the iPhone name, so till we don’t hear that the dispute has been settled, the launch date seems far fetched. What do you think?


iPhone Web App: Files2Phones allows iPhone owners to Remotely Access Files from their PC and more

We have already seen a large number of companies releasing web apps specially optimized for the iPhone UI since its launch, one such iPhone application to be released and recently listed by Apple on their application directory under Productivity is Files2Phones from 1stWorks Corporation, a powerful application management, content delivery and display software, presenting your desktop data on request on your iPhone or your iPod Touch.

iPhone Tips: Optimize Settings to Extend iPhone’s Battery Life

If you are one of those whose biggest complaint of your iPhone is that you need to keep recharging it on a regular basis then you will find this article useful.

Apple claims of 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use, 7 hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback and finally 250 hours of standby time.
However, thanks to the revolutionary features of the iPhone where you can do more than one thing at a time i.e use the internet and also listen to music at the same time, you might be experiencing significantly lesser battery life then that mentioned above.

Hence you could use some of the tips mentioned here to optimize settings to extend your iPhone’s battery life between charges.

Apple imposes limits on iPhone sales to probably clamp down on iPhone Unlocking

Even though Apple numbers for the iPhone seemed to have been towards the high end of analysts expectations thanks to the 250k unlocked iPhones, they seem to be leaving no stone unturned in their cat and mouse game against iPhone hackers.

Their last firmware update v1.1.1 had given quite a body blow to the iPhonce hacking effort though the latest is that the hackers are back on top with the unlocking methods also released for iPhone OS v1.1.1.

Apple is now looking to crack down on the resale of iPhones by
restricting iPhone sales to just 2 per customer from 5 and only
allowing you to buy them if you have a card.

However, Apple spokeman as quoted by Associated Press says that the
reason behind this move was to “ensure that there are enough iPhones
for people who are shopping for themselves or buying a gift.”

So it means that Apple is either running into supply problems with the
iPhone going into the holiday season or as mentioned earlier; Apple is
trying to clamp down on the unauthorized resellers who are unlocking
the iPhone to sell them in countries outside of United States where it
is still not available but unlocked iPhones constituted to roughly 18%
of the iPhone sales so far.

I am not sure if its good news either way you look at it.

It will be good to hear your thoughts on Apple’s latest move in the comments.

iPhoneSlide: iPhone App to Upload Photos to Twitter, Flickr, Picassa, Facebook and more

iPhoneSlide: iPhone App to Upload Photos to Twitter, Flickr, Picassa, Facebook and more

Xavier over at iPhoneSlide.com was kind enough to drop in an email to inform me about their new service for iPhone users.

iPhoneSlide.com is a nifty web service for all those want to upload photos that you have taken from your iPhone’s camera to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Picassa and more, all in one go.

More details on iPhoneSlide.com available after the jump.

iPhone RingToneMaker v1.4: Adding Custom Ringtones to iPhone OS v1.1.1 made simpler

iPhone RingToneMaker v1.4: Adding Custom Ringtones to iPhone OS v1.1.1 made simpler

One of the easiest way to add custom ringtones to your iPhone in OS v1.0.2 was to use popular iPhone Applications like iToner for Mac and iPhone RingToneMaker for Windows. However, with the now infamous v1.1.1 firmware upgrade both these programs had become unusable.

It was only last week that Ambrosia SW, the developers of iToner released the latest version of their app which worked with iPhone OS v1.1.1, not to be left behind today we have Efiko Software, the developers of iPhone RingToneMaker, announcing the release of iPhoneRingToneMaker 1.4, the preview release for iPhone OS v1.1.1 support.

Gmail IMAP for the iPhone

As an iPhone owner if you have a Gmail account, then the only way to access Gmail on your iPhone was through the browser, all you needed to do was go to m.gmail.com to get the full Gmail experience including conversation view, search, and more. However that was not the ideal way as IMAP is the best way to access your email from multiple devices (e.g. iPhone or laptop).

So if you were one of those who had petitioned for Gmail IMAP then today is your lucky day as Google has just announced free IMAP for Gmail which will make the user experience to check your emails on your iPhone even more better.

Check out the video of how to setup IMAP on your iPhone in a matter of minutes after the jump.

iFuntastic v4.6.1 released: Add Custom Ringtones and JailBreak iPhone OS v1.1.1

iFuntastic v4.6.1 released: Add Custom Ringtones and JailBreak iPhone OS v1.1.1

One of the most popular GUI based iPhone hack for Mac users has to be iFuntastic developed by iPhone hacking genius, bitSplit. He has been quietly working in the background of all the iPhone hacking and unlocking news to improve iFuntastic and more importantly make it work with iPhone OS v1.1.1.

The good news is bitSplit has announced the latest version of his iPhone hacking tool v4.6.1 which along with various other improvements, makes it easy to jailbreak iPhone OS v1.1.1.

iPhone Elite Dev Team Releases Re-Virginizer Tool for Unlocked iPhone running OS v1.0.2

When the iPhone Dev Team had released the latest version of anySIM v1.1, their GUI-based tool to unlock the iPhone last week it was only applicable for those you had not unlocked the iPhone, however that had left a large percentage of the 250k iPhone owners who have unlocked their iPhone to wait for the re-virginizer tool which was supposed to revert the iPhone back to factory settings i.e. locked state.

The iPhone Elite Dev Team, the break-away group from the iPhone Dev Team and if you remember the folks who were the first to publish the method to downgrade the baseband of iPhone running on v1.1.1 are at it again, they have just released their own re-virginizer tool for unlocked iPhones running on OS v1.0.2.

SummerBoard for iPhone OS v1.1.1: iPhone Hack Enables Scrolling of iPhone’s Home Screen

SummerBoard for iPhone OS v1.1.1: iPhone Hack Enables Scrolling of iPhone’s Home Screen

One of the most popular iPhone hacks or native iPhone application since the iPhone launch has been an app called "SummerBoard" which is an extension to iPhone’s SpringBoard (more commonly known as the home screen). The latest version of SummerBoard v3.0a11 now works with iPhone OS v1.1.1.

SummerBoard not only helps you customize your iPhone’s home screen with custom wallpapers or themes it also enables scrolling of your iPhone’s home screen thus removing the 16 application limit on the home screen which is quite important if you have installed many unauthorized third-party applications on your iPhone.

If you want your iPhone’s home screen to look like the image here then read the details after the jump.