iPhone could change mobile browsing

Nokia has had a phone that supports Safari for a while. A Nokia chap was at the first Ajax Experience in San Francisco last May showing off the phone. It had the same features that Safari on the iPhone has (zooming around web pages).

Apple’s iPhone fixes voicemail

There are three major problems with traditional voicemail, Apple’s solution gets around all that, providing a simple visual interface for voicemail. That’s not revolutionary; a lot of companies have tried to fix voicemail.

Conan O’Brien iPhone Commercial

Conan comes up with some pretty funny and silly stuff for this iPhone commercial spoof. It’s no wonder why NBC is lining him up to replace Leno in a few years.

Steve Jobs: iPhone Ain’t Opening Up

Jobs didn’t use the word “ain’t”, but in a Newsweek interview with Steven Levy, Jobs put the kibosh on any talk about the iPhone opening up its platform for third party developers.

iPhone Painting sold on ebay for US $410

iPhone Painting sold on ebay for US $410

The iPhone frenzy seems to have caught the attention of the art world as well. Nitrozac, a Canadian artist, did a painting on a stretched canvas of Steve Jobs holding the iPhone at Macworld. This iPhone painting was auctioned on ebay for US $410.

Your Virtual iPhone

Your Virtual iPhone

I have mine but you don’t have yours. You cannot get yours…yet. I have been to the Apple Store and to the Cingular/AT&T store and asked when they will be getting an iPhone. They say not until June 2007. So, you have to wait. You can save money while you wait because you know you won’t be buying the similar releases from other competing venders. No, you will wait for the iPhone.

Sony CEO Stringer talks about Apple iPhone: ‘I wouldn’t bet against Steve Jobs’

“In a frank TV interview which has not been put to air yet Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer… [was] asked about Apple’s iPhone,” David Richards reports for Smarthouse.

iPhone Multi Touch Technology to Feature in Apple iPods and Notebooks

Apple is going to create a “mega-platform” of devices based around the multi-touch display introduced by the iPhone. Analyst Ben Reitzes encouraged his clients to look past the minute details of the initial iPhone and focus on the power that lies in the ‘unannounced’ multi-touch ecosystem that will eventually find its way into several products across the company’s product portfolio.

Apple could be ready to bring iPhone to the market ahead of their June estimate

Apple Inc. has informed its network of iPhone component suppliers to begin delivery of materials to its Taiwanese manufacturing facilities by next month.

Among those commissioned were the phone’s printed circuit board makers, which were told to begin shipping their parts for delivery by “early April,” the China Economic News Service reported on Friday.

iPhone Versus the Rest: More Evidence Smartphone Makers Are in Trouble

Apple’s iPhone is without a doubt a game-changer for smartphones, whether it actually sells well itself or not. Smartphones have simply been to clumsy to use to be practical for a wide audience. That all changes with the iPhone, and it doesn’t even have to sell well – nay, doesn’t even have to actually be available – in order to harm the competition.