Green my iPhone, Green my Future

Green my iPhone, Green my Future

In the past 5 years, with the success of the iPod and power PCs, Mac has come to dominate the high-end consumer electronic space, with their clean, minimalist aesthetic. With such a prestigious design-driven brand, one would think that Apple would be leading the way in the green design revolution. Sadly, this is not the case – Apple is actually lagging behind companies like Dell and HP.

iPhone labeled as the real spark for Apple’s flame in 2007

Wealth management experts have banked on the iPhone as the driving force behind Apple’s near-future growth — but cautioned that the fourth major platform in the company’s lineup could also eat away at the very iPod share that has helped build its recent success.

iPhone in a nutshell

Though it might go a little too fast to be called a tutorial, it’s nice to see. It’s a video all about the the iPhone in a nutshell.

iPhone VS Samsung Smartphone comic strip

Looks like the Samsung Smartphone is afraid of the iPhone! At least, the device needs to compare itself to the newest gadget in town. Fun to check anyway!

Why the iPhone could be worth the steep $600 price tag

“How do you sell 10 million [iPhones] if no one wants to buy at the price you’re selling? The answer, I think, lies in a little-noticed feature in the iPhone: Wi-Fi,” Tim Beyers writes for The Motley Fool.

iPhone could usher in the mass market eBook era

At 3.5 inches it seems suspiciously perfect for reading….Setting aside the comfort issues, the iPhone could either kill the nascent e-reader business or take it to new levels. We’ve been saying just about forever that the problem with dedicated e-reader is the fact that the consumer isn’t seeking a device that does only one thing. With its “smart” orientation features, the iPhone could usher in the mass market e-book era.

Apple iPhone is revolutionary – Part II

Apple announced a long rumored, much anticipated, highly coveted mobile phone called the iPhone. Jobs promised to revolutionize mobile phones, and being one to never disappoint the masses, I believe he did. This is part II of the two part post on why we think the iPhone is revolutionary.

Apple iPhone is revolutionary – Part I

The iPhone is a revolutionary new product, aimed at completely redefining mobile as we know it. Even though I’m still reeling from the excitement, this is probably the biggest thing I’ve seen happen to the mobile industry in the 5+ years I’ve been in it since well… phones.

Nine things wrong with the iPhone

So, after watching the iPhone announcement the gadget we’ve all been jonesing for—what’s the first thing we all do? That’s right, figure out all the things that are wrong with it and why it’s not going to be the “killer app” for Apple. It happened to the iPod, why not the iPhone. Here’s my take on the caveats…

Apple iPhone’s launch date?

Ever since Steve Jobs’ keynote at the Macworld Expo in January, we’ve known that the iPhone is being released sometime in June. First it was rumors about AT&T customer service manager confirming that the release date will be June 11 and recently it was an official letter sent to AT&T employees which suggests that it will be June 15th, the speculations continue.