iPhone Accessories | Which one would you want most?

iPhone Accessories | Which one would you want most?

This article is not about the news of AT&T getting a five year exclusive rights on the Apple iPhone or rumors on how to get a pre-paid iPhone or even rumors about AT&T not offering insurance on the iPhone.

Its about the guys at Geek Culture who have been inspired by all the iPhone news and rumors in the last few months since its announcement to create this really cool (or should I say sarcastic) "Joy of Tech" comic strip on iPhone accessories. These guys have a great sense of humor.

At this point of time with the buzz surrounding the release of the revolutionary iPhone, my favorite iPhone accessory has been featured below. There are more iPhone accessories after the jump.

The guys at Geek Culture also carried a poll with the comic strip where they asked their fan base to vote on which iPhone accessory they want most. The poll received more than a 1000 votes and the iPhone accessory which everyone seemed to want most was the "iPhone bank loan, … if you default on it, at least you get that one free call to your lawyer." which received 33% of the votes, the results of the poll is as seen below:

Top 5 Advantages | Apple iPhone VS Nokia N95

Top 5 Advantages | Apple iPhone VS Nokia N95

The revolutionary Apple iPhone is probably the most awaited gadget after a very long time, but the Nokia N95 is also an impressive device, and one that has been dubbed to be one of the top high end smartphones for 2007. So will it be the iPhone killer??

Top 5 advantages of Nokia N95 as compared to Apple iPhone:

1. GPS: The Nokia has a fully functional GPS with which you can really navigate and marks a step forward for convergence. The on-board software which is key to this provides you the ability to find addresses and location by street name, location and postcode. However, automatic turn by turn voice instructions are a premium service that can be upgraded to from the handset.

2. Messaging: The N95 supports IMAP4, POP3, and SMTP e-mail accounts and comes with a full attachment viewer. The N95 does support a number of push e-mail solutions, as well as Microsoft Exchange Server synchronization. Here the main advantage is the support for Microsoft Exchange server which is missing in the iPhone.

3. Ability to view MS Office documents: An application called QuickOffice lets you view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and it optimizes the pages for the phone’s screen, so you don’t have to scroll all over the place to read text. This is an important feature for business users.

4. Digital Camera: The phone sports a 5 mega-pixel digital camera uses Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, and also comes with controls for 4 ISO settings, white balance, sharpness, contrast, and flash. The camera can also record VGA-quality video at a maximum resolution of 640 by 480 at 30fps.

5. Radio: The N95 also has an FM radio, though you’ll have to use the included headset to access the radio, since it acts as the tuner.

Another big advantage of the Nokia N95 would have been that it 3G support, however I have not listed it in the top 5 advantages as it does not work on the United States’ 3G network for high-speed web browsing and data transfer, which is a major disappointment, however if you are in Europe this is indeed a major plus. In fact, the European version also has the video calling feature. The reason behind it seems to be that Nokia never planned to launch the N95 in the US, but finally decided to launch it based on the interest it received.

Apple patent reveals interesting possibility of a theft-proof iPhone

Apple patent reveals interesting possibility of a theft-proof iPhone

Based on a study carried out by British Transport Police (BTP), mobile phone theft accounts for around 45% of the thefts on the London Underground, I guess that was one of the reasons BBC had carried out an article: What to do if you’ve had your mobile phone stolen? Based on a patent revealed by AppleInsider, Apple might be coming out with a theft-proof iPhone in the near future which should reduce some of the worries of owning an expensive mobile phone for all those traveling the London underground.

More details of the Apple patent and images after the jump.

We all know that its in Apple’s DNA to do things differently or should I say do things the right way with the customer in mind, and yet again they could show the mobile phone industry on how to improve mobile phone security. However, there are no clear indications that this patent will be featured on the iPhone and currently just a speculation.

Lets hope we won’t need to wait for the next version of the iPhone and that features like this will be available with a firmware upgrade.

P.S: Mobile phone security is of importance to all those who own a mobile phone and not just those who travel by the London underground, it was just used as an example based on specific information available.

[images courtesy Gizmodo]

“Jobs with iPhone” painting sells for more than “Steve Jobs and the apple” painting

“Jobs with iPhone” painting sells for more than “Steve Jobs and the apple” painting

I had written an article back in April about how the iPhone buzz had caught the art world as well, as an iPhone painting was sold at eBay for US $410. We recently had another painting (in my opinion a better one) of "Steve Jobs and the apple" by the same artist which was also auctioned at eBay but for a lesser price. So did the buzz surrounding the iPhone release make the difference?

These are the words of artist about the "Steve Jobs and the iPhone" painting: "This painting is filled with that goose-bump
moment when Jobs unleashed the iPhone at MacWorld Expo 2007. Deep down
you know the iPhone is going to be as big. This painting encapulates
that techno-moment in history, and now it can be yours to grace your
walls and feast your eyes upon."

The significance of this event as we all know was the announcement of the Apple iPhone which could usher the mobile phone industry into the iPhone era. "The Era BI: time Before the iPhone, and the ERA AI: time After the iPhone" as predicted by Tomi Ahonen of "Communities Dominate Brands" blog.

The above painting was sold at eBay for US $410. The painting was only 5”x7”. For more details on the auction on eBay, click here.

And this last one does suggest (thankfully) that Steve Jobs does add a lot of value to Apple, where the painting of just the "iPhone" (read without Steve Jobs) was sold for lesser than the above two paintings.

iPhone Accessories | Prima introduces premium leather iPhone case

Prima has introduced a premium leather flip case for iPhone. As per Prima, the case is made of soft, aniline leather and that the case continues the tradition of fine leather form fit cases they are known to produce.

More details of the iPhone case is available after the jump.

iPhone Accessories | ezGear to ship iPhone cases in June

iPhone Accessories | ezGear to ship iPhone cases in June

ezGear, a leading marketer of iPod accessories, this week announced the introduction of three ezSkin cases for the Apple iPhone that will be available in June. Three models have been introduced: The ezSkin, a slimline protective case featuring removable belt holster, port access, protective flap for the dock connector and various colors; the ezSkin Bumperz, which adds additional shock protection; and ezSkin Extreme, which has thicker corners and sides to help provide shock and drop protection.

More details and images of the new iPhone cases are available after the jump.

ezSkin Bumpers for iPhone

ezSkin Bumpers are a new type of protection for the iPhone. The
iPhone’s front and back are protected by a thin transparent film to
protect it from scratches. The ezSkin Bumpers wraps around the
perimeter of the iPhone providing additional shock protection and
protection for all four corners of the phone. ezBumpers provide a
great feel and give the user full access to all ports.  A flap on the
bottom protects the dock connector.

Who’s the iPhone?

After a week of voting from the ten finalist of the Insanely Great Tees Ad contest, the winner has finally been announced. The Ad "Secret Lovers" produced by "Think Productions" has been voted as the best "Hi, I’m an iPhone" Ad and they are the lucky winners of the revolutionary new iPhone.

iPhone will be available exclusively at 2000 Apple & AT&T retail stores on launch

iPhone will be available exclusively at 2000 Apple & AT&T retail stores on launch

The iPhone will be available for sale at 2000 retail store fronts when it goes on sale for the first time next month, putting the device within reach of most US households.

This was revealed by Bear Stearns analyst Andy Neff after a meeting with members of Apple’s executive team on Wednesday (May 16th, 2007).

He added that, in addition to iPhone’s revolutionary touch interface and intuitive software capabilities, Apple is focused on differentiating iPhone from the rest of the pack by improving every facet of its user experience, including at the point of sale.

The challenge for Apple will be to assure that user experience at the point of sale in the AT&T retail stores as well.

I wonder how Apple plans to sell the iPhone online, will it just be available on their respective sites or will it also be available in online stores like Amazon etc.


[images courtesy Macworld.com]

Apple gets FCC approval to sell the iPhone

Apple gets FCC approval to sell the iPhone

The FCC has approved the iPhone today (on 17th May, 2007) and based on
the information available from the documents posted on FCC website, it
looks like Apple has set itself a deadline of 30th June to launch the iPhone. Apple seems to have
passed the approval process with flying colors which is no big surprise.

Fake internal memo claiming “iPhone to be delayed” sends Apple stock plunging

Fake internal memo claiming “iPhone to be delayed” sends Apple stock plunging

The iPhone rumor mill seems to have caught up with the high-finance Wall Street Gurus as well. The story posted by Engadget earlier today claiming a delay for the iPhone based on a fake internal memo caused the Apple stock to plunge.