iPhone from AT&T to offer subscription music, Satellite Radio, on-demand streaming video??

iPhone from AT&T to offer subscription music, Satellite Radio, on-demand streaming video??

The folks at The Boy Genius Report have done it again, they seem to have got
their hands on an internal memo released by AT&T to its staff regarding
critical information on the iPhone and its launch in June. If the memo can be trusted it reveals interesting features that will be available on the iPhone from AT&T for music lovers which were not announced by Steve Jobs in his Keynote address.

Best rumor before the iPhone was announced

There were quite a few rumors before the
Apple iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs in his Keynote address this January. We had
the New York Times discussing Apple’s iPhone plans way back in 2002, Le Figaro talking about
the joint venture between Apple and Motorola to unveil the iPhone in
2005, then it was Business 2.0 predicting the iPhone launch in early
2005 and not to forget Forbes reporting that some company had already
secured contracts to ship 12 million mobile handsets in Nov 2006. But …

Stan Sigman’s iPhone giveaway video has it been tampered?

I am not an expert on figuring out if the video has been tampered with or not, but my bet is that the YouTube video has been tampered, as it just doesn’t make sense. Why would AT&T give away an iPhone, the most awaited gadget after a long long time before the release date and not make a big deal of it, beats me. Vote (details on the next page) and let the world know what you think.

iPhone could potentially be a boon for mobile phone advertising

The NewYork Times
carried an interesting article this week on how Hollywood loves the
small screen (read mobile phones) but Advertisers don’t. I believe the
iPhone will help change that perception quite dramatically. Steve Jobs
gave us a peek on how the iPhone could change all that during his Keynote address.
Mobile advertising is one huge potential of the iPhone which seems to have gone unnoticed.

Finalists of the iPhone Ad contest is out

The ten finalists of Insanely Great Tees iPhone Ad
Contest is out! You get to vote to decide which of these ten
YouTube videos is
your favorite.

Glimpse of the iPhone Nano UI

Glimpse of the iPhone Nano UI

With the announcement of the revolutionary iPhone, Apple showed us the possibilities of a full screen multi-touch interface. We immediately had some noise about possibilities
of Apple introducing iPhone Nano and iPhone shuffle, more a joke rather
than any serious speculations as
the limitation of such a full screen multi-touch interface is that there is a limit on how small the gadget can be. But looks like Apple might have found the solution.

Apple says “Hello” with iPhone, Microsoft says “Oh” with oPhone

Okay don’t get conned into believing this as a competitor to the iPhone or an
iPhone Killer from Microsoft. Its a spoof video on Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPhone, its quite
funny. Microsoft employees do have a sense of humor.

You can get to work on time with the iPhone

The 6-month waiting period for the launch of the Apple iPhone since its
announcement in Jan means that any new information undergoes detailed analysis. MacNN have reported some interesting details about
the Google Maps functionality of the Apple iPhone which should help you get to work on time.

Apple iPhone VS BlackBerry Curve ( 8300 )

Apple iPhone VS BlackBerry Curve ( 8300 )

Research in Motion (RIM) introduced a sleeker and sexier version of its popular smartphone, the BlackBerry Curve. Its also the smallest and lightest full-QWERTY BlackBerry to date. Since the BlackBerry has been one of the best smartphones available it is only appropriate to compare it with Apple’s revolutionary iPhone.

BlackBerry Curve ( 8300 ) advantages VS Apple iPhone:

  • The BlackBerry Curve is compatible with your company’s BlackBerry Enterprise server with support for Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, or Novell GroupWise to deliver corporate e-mail in real time. This is probably one of the key functionalities for a Corporate user.
  • An attachment viewer is also onboard to open popular file formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, PDFs, JPEG, GIF, and more. Based on the information that is available currently it doesn’t look like the iPhone will be able to support Office documents as attachments which is likely to hamper business users.
  • BlackBerry is open to independent developers, on the other hand Steve Jobs was quite categorical in an interview that "He ain’t opening up the iPhone" for independent developers.
  • The BlackBerry Curve’s full QWERTY keyboard should offer a better typing experience with its tactile feedback making typing emails, SMS or even dialing numbers a breeze.
  • The BlackBerry Curve will be a far cheaper option than the $499 and $599 iPhone.
  • You can upload and download large files by using the BlackBerry Curve as a wireless modem for your laptop, there is currently no information available to suggest this feature will be available in the iPhone.
  • User replaceable battery.
  • Above all, BlackBerry has been a proven smartphone with a large number of BlackBerry addicts, or should I say Crackberry, so RIM have definitely done many things right.

The iPhone Challenge | I am all-in

Seth Godin, best-selling author of business books has just launched an iPhone Challenge on his blog. The challenge is to predict how many iPhones will Apple actually sell. It reminds me of an all-in situation in the game of Poker. The game of Poker because in this case too one has enough information available to take an informed prediction and if you haven’t someone can always call your bluff.