Rumors of iPhone’s poor battery life is highly exaggerated

Rumors of iPhone’s poor battery life is highly exaggerated

Apple was recently voted the No. 16th brand in the world based on rankings compiled by market research firm Millward Brown, and was one of the biggest movers on the list rising 13 spots, that isn’t possible by just making statements and not delivering.

My iPod Accessories: Will they or won’t they work with my new iPhone?

I own the Bose Sounddock and the USB power adaptor accessories for my iPod mini, which got me thinking when I came across the iPhone Accessories with « Made for iPhone » Logo post on the internet. Here is a an analysis on how the iPod Accessories will work with the Apple iPhone. Did the engineers at Apple have the vision of the iPhone when they were building some of the accessories??

Microsoft: iPhone a great music phone, but irrelevant to business users

The battle of rhetorics rages on, first it was Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer down-playing the launch of the iPhone and now its the turn of a senior executive with the software giant saying that the iPhone will be irrelevant to business users because it is a "closed device" and you guessed it right, it is because it will not support Microsoft office.

Best iPhone News Ever!

Here ’s the top 10 best iPhone related news. The iPhone will be released in a few months but it already has a rich history in the media world.

iPhone: Not touchy feely

There’s an interesting trade-off presented by the iPhone. While the phone can do more, and it’s interface is fluid, in some ways it widens the gulf between human and computer. When you touch it it doesn’t touch you back. That may prove to be a good thing. It may prove that what we think we need we don’t really need. The trade-offs may pay-off.

iPhone Generation Next vision video: A peak at the future

Would you like to take a peak at the future? Though the YouTube video mentions that it is the Intel UPMC vision video, the device seen in the video makes me believe its the next generation Apple iPhone. Who else can pull it off in the consumer electronics space other than Apple?

Insanely Great Tees announces iPhone giveaway

Insanely Great Tees announces iPhone giveaway

Insanely Great Tees is perhaps one of the few, if only, Apple-centric t-shirt shops out there, offering creative designs at good prices. One of the unique things they do as a purveyor of cool threads is post ideas for new shirts on their news blog for the world to see – and vote on. They have just announced a contest whose grand prize is a lovely shiny iPhone!.

YouTube video on how to switch to Cingular to get an iPhone

CellSwapper offers phone subscribers the possibility to trade or transfer the subscription they currently have to another person. By doing this they avoid paying the cancellation fee associated with long term contract with the network operator.

Next Generation iPhone will be able to communicate with you audibly

On April 5, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple’s patent application titled Audio status information for a portable electronic device . Apple’s patent pertains to providing status information for an electronic device to its user in an audible manner. In other words, if your battery is low, your iPod or iPhone will be able to communicate that to you audibly.

Green my iPhone, Green my Future

Green my iPhone, Green my Future

In the past 5 years, with the success of the iPod and power PCs, Mac has come to dominate the high-end consumer electronic space, with their clean, minimalist aesthetic. With such a prestigious design-driven brand, one would think that Apple would be leading the way in the green design revolution. Sadly, this is not the case – Apple is actually lagging behind companies like Dell and HP.